Arthroscopy knee surgery cost in India

Arthroscopy is the branch of orthopaedics in which the surgeon views inside the joint by using small incisions (cut) and inserting an instrument called an arthroscope.

Arthroscopic surgeries are used for the repair and reconstruction of the ligaments inside the joint. most commonly of knee and shoulder.

Arthroscopy knee surgery cost in India depends on many factors such as type of surgery, implant used, hospital charges and surgeon charges. To understand further, please note that there are many ligaments inside the knee joint. so more the number of ligaments injured the more will be the implant used and the more will be the cost.

Besides, Arthroscopy is used in many conditions apart from ligament repair/reconstruction.

Apart from that, the cost of implants used in arthroscopic surgeries has a very broader range. We have both Indian and international implants available. To give a fair picture, let’s say you need single ligament reconstruction using an Indian implant at a small hospital will roughly cost you around 40-50 k. Now the same surgery using an international implant (which are fairly costly ) at a big corporate hospital may cost you up to 2- 2.5 lakhs.

If you have a multi-ligament injury requiring multi-ligament reconstruction. Then the cost of surgery may go up to 1.5 lakh in a small hospital with Indian implants and the same procedure at a corporate hospital with international implants may go up to 3 lakhs.

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