Chronic Shoulder pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in our body with a wide range of motion. So, chronic shoulder pain is very debilitating for patients as it affects day to day activities. 

Chronic shoulder pain can be due to either of the following four broad categories :

  1. Fracture: Fractures or broken bones are very common around the shoulder joint especially in the elderly. A simple fall can cause a fracture of the bones forming the shoulder joint. 
  2. Arthritis 
  3. Instability: Instability in the shoulder is the result of shoulder dislocation. It is a very uncomfortable problem for the patients.
  4. Tendinitis and tendon tears: such as biceps Tendinitis, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulder.

Accurate diagnosis and initiating early treatment is the only way in avoiding chronic shoulder pain because there are numerous conditions affecting the shoulder joint.

To come to a proper diagnosis, the doctor will examine your shoulder for different things such as range of movement, instability tests.

Diagnostic modalities such as X-ray and MRI are very helpful in assessing the cause of chronic shoulder pain.

Who is the chronic shoulder pain specialist in India.?

 As such there are very few surgeons who specialise only in the shoulder joint and its surgery. Generally, an orthopaedic surgeon is the chronic shoulder pain specialist in India

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