Joint Replacement Surgery cost In India

Over the years alongside other medical advancements, Joint replacement has taken a big leap forward in terms of implant design and surgical procedures. This has resulted in better mobility of the patient, less duration of hospital stay and definitely better results. Fortunately, with the intervention of the Indian government, the cost of Knee joint replacement surgery in India had also decreased a lot and has become more affordable.

Joint Replacement surgery cost In India varies anywhere between 1.25 lakh to 3 lakh. The cost is very much dependent upon the hospital where you undergo this surgery.

The cost of the implants, hospital charges and surgeon charges are the three most important factors which decide the total cost incurred for these procedures.Also , If you are undergoing a revision joint replacement, it will also influence the cost factor.

To clarify further Full knee replacement in India, Half knee replacement In India will cost in the range as mentioned above, whereas Robotic knee replacement will be on the higher side owing to the extremely costly machines. Robotic knee replacement surgery costs in India will cost somewhere between 2.25 lakh to 3 lakh.

As far as Hip replacement surgery is concerned, implants used in hip replacement are more costly than the ones used in Knee replacement. Thus, the cost of Hip replacement is more than the Knee replacement. So, Hip replacement surgery costs in India will lie somewhere between 1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs.

Disclaimer: This article is just an overview to help patients know the approx costs. Patient medical conditions will also influence the final cost. 

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