Joint Replacement Surgery

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Joint replacement is a surgical procedure to replace part of the damaged joint with artificial prosthesis which can be of metal, ceramics or other alloys. The prosthesis is designed in such a way that it exactly replicates your joint.

Most commonly Hip, Knee and Shoulder replacements are done but apart from that replacement surgery can also be performed on the wrist, ankle and elbow.

Joint replacement surgery is generally advised to patients who are dealing with constant chronic pain and limited movement in that particular joint.

Joint replacement surgery is also known as Arthroplasty.

It is worth considering surgery to restore your overall quality of life and get back to doing things that you enjoy and all that absolutely pain-free.

Total Hip replacement surgery is performed in patients who have developed arthritis (i.e. damaged joint )  owing to many pathologies such as avascular necrosis of the hip, hip fracture, fused hip due to conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Partial Hip Replacement surgery or Hemiarthroplasty is a procedure in which only the femoral head (i.e. ball of the hip joint ) is replaced and acetabulum (I.e the socket of the hip joint ) is spared. It is mostly done in patients with fractures.

Thus, in the total Hip replacement, both the ball and socket are replaced whereas in Partial Hip replacement only the ball is replaced.

Knee replacement– It can again be a total knee replacement or a partial knee replacement.

The knee joint has basically three compartments – lateral, medial and patellofemoral. If two or more than two compartments are involved, a total knee replacement is advised, but if only one compartment ( most commonly medial ) is involved, a partial knee replacement can be carried out.

Partial knee replacement is also known as Unicondylar Knee replacement.

This is just the basic overview of the joint replacement. Over time, we will be discussing in much more detail of all aspects of joint replacement including the Joint Replacement Surgery cost and Robotic Knee Replacement

Total Hip replacement as you can see both the ball and socket is replaced
Partial Hip replacement or a Hemiarthroplasty. Here, the socket is not replaced
Total Knee replacement
Left : Partial Knee Replacement , Right : Total Knee Replacement

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