Knee replacement surgery – Is it successful?

Knee Replacement was first performed in the year 1968. After that, improvement in surgical techniques and implant both has drastically improved its effectiveness to such an extent that it is one of the most successful surgeries in modern medicine. According to a data agency, In the USA alone in the year 2017, more than 7.5 lakhs of knees were replaced.

In spite of such a huge success rate, we still have some apprehension regarding it. 

This section of Knee replacement is my sincere effort to remove the thought most of us have that –Is it successful?  Is it worth it? Is it safe?

One of my patients pointed me to an article on google saying that only 95 % of patients are satisfied. What about that 5%. What if I am in that 5%.

Well, a simple answer to this question lies in your expectation. To explain further, let us see some basic facts.

Knee replacement is a procedure carried out when your knees are damaged to such an extent that there is no alternative treatment and further, it is mostly done in the elderly population say after the age of 60 years.

Let’s take an example, once I had this gentleman, aged 65 years with knee pain for the past 5 years with a severe deformity in the knee due to arthritis to such an extent that he was hardly able to walk a few metres. So, I advised him to undergo a total knee replacement and further explained to him the procedure. After 5 minutes of thinking, he asked me that Doctor after my knees are replaced, will I be able to play and run along with my grandson. See, this here my friend lies the expectation part that I had mentioned before, the potential 5% population that google says are dissatisfied.

I replied Sir, with no false promises, you are definitely not going to run along with your grandson, but definitely, you will be able to walk pain-free and will be able to take him to school. This I can assure you. You will no longer have to wake up in the morning and think oh! I need to walk 10 metres to reach the washroom. Yes, there will be some pain after the surgery and it will be there for a few days. But, once we settle it with medication and physiotherapy, you will definitely have better mobility, less pain than before and a higher quality of life and the world will be yours to tour….!!!!

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